Powakaddy Freeway Controller 2pin,5pin

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  • Powakaddy Classic Legend
  • Powakaddy Freeway (Not Freeway2)

Please note:

  1. If you have a Powakaddy Freeway which has a digital display on the handle then you should purchase the Powakaddy Digital Speed Controller.
  2. This controller does not have the EDF function – if your trolley has a green EDF button on top of the handle. then you should instead order the following controller: Speed Controller for Standard Analogue Powakaddy Freeway
The classic symptoms of a Powakaddy that requires a new speed control unit are:
  • The trolley is dead. and has died suddenly.
  • When you turn the potentiometer (switch). there is a clicking noise coming from under the trolley
  • Occasionally a faulty controller can cause the trolley to be intermittent but more often than not the symptoms will be as in 1 & 2.