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Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined CS Golf Putter

Reimagining and redefining the mallet putter – welcome to the all-new Odyssey Eleven. This serious upgrade on the Odyssey Ten has an unbeatable combination of revolutionary shaping and innovative construction for groundbreaking performance. 

The key aspect is the shift in weight to the front of the Eleven to achieve perfect balance that boosts MOI and forward CG to keep the putter square to the target. The result is maximum stability and consistent roll for putts that stay on the correct path to the hole. The Odyssey Eleven is constructed from a superior composite design that comprises a steel crown with a lightweight TPU & aluminium under-body and heavyweight steel weights in each of the back corners.

The updated Stroke Lab Shaft is even lighter than its predecessor. Its multi-material construction is stiffer with enhanced stability to improve the tempo and consistency in the putting stroke. Odyssey Eleven putters are the most forgiving yet with an emphasis on unrivalled alignment and iconic feel through the White Hot Insert to give all golfers complete confidence in their game and to help sink more putts.  

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined CS Golf Putter is a double bend, face-balanced mallet that is best suited for golfers with strokes that have minimal face rotation and arc. The Tour Lined putter has a clean and simple look at address with a single, bold white alignment line through the entire middle of the putter head.

  • Eleven Tour Lined DB Putter: double bend
  • 10 Toe Hang
  • Forward CG & High Inertia: maximum speed control, spin control, & speed consistency on off-centre hits
  • Red Stroke Lab Shaft: stiffer & more stable than ever
  • Crowned Design: aids alignment
  • Iconic White Hot Insert: legendary performance
  • Ultra-Lightweight TPU Sole Insert: improves sound & feel