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Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined DB

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Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined DB Golf Putter

Re-writing the rules of what can be expected from a putter, the new Eleven shape combines the #1 insert on tour with their StrokeLab shaft technology and a unique head shape that delivers outstanding MOI. To help golfers aim better, Odyssey have introduced three models of the head, allowing you choose the best one for your visual style. The standard Eleven is a classic, unlined model and is perfect for the golfer that gets confused by lines on the head. It may seem counter-intuitive that some golfers will aim better without any lines but this has proven to be true in many cases.

Obviously an unlined head isn't for everyone, and with that in mind there is also the Tour Lined Version available, which sees a singular white line running from the top edge of the blade all the way to the back of the putter head. Finally, there is the now famous Triple Track alignment System head, which works especially well when used in conjunction with a Triple Track ball.

The Red Stroke-Lab shaft which has been seen countless times on the TV in the hands of the best players in the world is fitted in each of the Odyssey Eleven Putters. This new, enhanced design has a shorter steel section than on the previous model, allowing Odyssey to reduce the weight by 7-grams and increase the stiffness. The result is a supremely stable shaft that will bring more consistency to your putting.

The White Hot insert has been by far the most popular insert of all-time. With that in mind, Odyssey have decide o reintroduce it across several of their putter ranges. The original formulation, feel, sound and performance makes sweating over an important 6-footer an altogether more pleasant experience.

If you are looking for an extremely stable putter that offers class leading MOI and stunning aesthetics, then the Odyssey Eleven range of putters would a great place to start. Odyssey have proven themselves to be leaders of the putting world over several seasons, and the release of the Eleven collection further solidifies this position.

The Odyssey Eleven Tour-Lined DB Putter is a perfectly face-balanced mallet that makes it the ideal choice for golfers that have minimal arc and face rotation in their stroke.


  • Odyssey's Most Exciting Shape
  • Red Stroke Lab Shaft
  • Extremely Stable
  • 3 Different Alignment Systems To Choose From
  • The Famous White-Hot Insert Returns